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Fly Balls Allowed Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Fly Balls Allowed details the total number of fly balls hit off each pitcher over the course of the season.

More about Fly Balls Allowed Leaders

Pitching fly balls allowed leaders are those who allow the most fly balls to be put into play. Fly balls are not necessarily a bad thing, though some fly balls will of course turn into home runs, which are the worst possible outcome for a pitcher. Pitchers who allow a lot of fly balls need to hope that they have 1) a spacious outfield that will turn more long fly balls into outs rather than home runs, and 2) a defensive outfield with above average range that will turn long fly balls into outs rather than extra base hits. Pitchers who lead the league in ground balls allowed are impacted very little by the dimensions of a ballpark, however the dimensions for a fly ball pitcher can make a big difference between pitchers who are successful and those who are not.

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