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Games Finished Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Games Finished is a statistic awarded to the relief pitcher who was the last pitcher to throw a pitch for their team. Games Finished are only awarded to relief pitchers; if a starting pitcher throws a complete game they won't have a recorded Games Finished.

More about Games Finished Leaders

Games finished leaders are pitchers most likely to be the last pitcher for a team in any given game. While this is different from a save, those who lead the league in games finished are almost always going to be closers. A closer is credited with a game finished when he earns a save, but he can also earn a game finished in non-save situations, such as if he finishes the game with a ten run lead that’s not a save situation, or if he is the final pitcher for a team in a loss (which may or may not lead to that same pitcher being credited with a loss for that game).

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