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Games Pitched Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Games Pitched measures the total number of games in which a player is designated as a pitcher during a game, where they are required to face at least on batter.

Also referred to as "Appearance" or "Pitching Appearance."

More about Games Pitched Leaders

Games pitched leaders (also called pitching appearances) are simply those who pitched in the most number of games in a season. Those who lead the league in games pitched are always relievers, and in many instances are known as specialty relievers, such as a LOOGY (Left-handed One Out GuY). This is because specialty relievers often face no more than a couple of batters every game, and thus can appear in more games than other relievers because they throw fewer pitches per appearance. Those who lead the league in games pitched come close to eighty games pitched. Relievers in the National League are slightly more likely to lead the league, due to more pitching changes in N.L. games (though the difference between the two leagues is not great).

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