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Games Started Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Games Started measures the total number of games in which a pitcher starts the game by throwing out the first pitch.

More about Games Started Leaders

Games started leaders is one of the rare statistics in baseball in which the leaders post the same (or nearly the same) numbers every year. Because of the well-established five man starting rotation in baseball, if a starting pitcher remains in the rotation and does not miss a start due to injury the most number of starts he can make is approximately 33 or 34 (or in rare instances slightly more if a manager decides to skip another pitcher’s start due to off days throughout the season). Those who lead the league in games started are among the best pitchers in the game, simply by virtue of their remaining healthy and pitching well enough not to lose any starts in the rotation. Unless the philosophy behind managing a team’s starting rotation changes, the leaders will post nearly the same numbers year in and year out.

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