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Ground Balls Allowed Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Ground Balls Allowed measures the total number of groundballs hit off of each pitcher.

More about Ground Balls Allowed Leaders

Pitching ground balls allowed leaders are those who allowed the most ground balls to be put into play over the course of the season. Ground balls allowed leaders are likely to not be strikeout pitchers and are more likely to be referred to as pitchers who pitch to contact. Their pitching repertoire is likely to include heavy use of a sinker, or they are going to particularly adept at keeping most of their pitches down in the strike zone. Ground balls allowed leaders can be excellent pitchers, though their success will largely depend on the quality of the defense behind them. Most ground balls put in play wind up as outs, however for pitchers with a poor defense behind them, particularly a defense with a poor range, many more of their ground balls will turn into hits. 

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