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Hits Allowed Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Hits Allowed measures the total number of hits a pitcher gives up over the course of the season.

List only includes qualifying pitchers.

More about Hits Allowed Leaders

Hits allowed leaders given up the fewest number of hits over the course of a season among qualifying pitchers (to be “qualified” a pitcher must pitch the same number of innings that their team played that year – usually 162 but occasionally 163 or 161). Those who give up the fewest hits are usually more likely to have a high number of strikeouts as well, as striking out batters more frequently means they do not have as many opportunities to put the ball into play and possibly get a hit. Because baseball has seen less offense over the last few years, league leaders allow slightly fewer hits over the course of a season than ten to fifteen years ago. Those who lead the league also are more likely to pitch barely more than the number of innings pitched required to lead the league, which is why ratio statistics like hits allowed per nine innings are often more useful in judging pitchers’ effectiveness.

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