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Hits Batsmen Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Hit Batsmen measures the total number of times a pitcher hits the batter with a pitch resulting in the batter gaining an automatic first base.

More about Hits Batsmen Leaders

Pitching hits batsmen leaders allow runners to reach first base most frequently via a hits batsmen. Since this is a counting statistic the leaders will always be starting pitchers who throw the most innings. While hitting batters more often than the average in some instances can indicate a lack of control, it can also come from pitchers trying to pitch on the inside part of the plate more often than other pitchers, which will inevitably lead to occasional pitches going farther inside than intended. While very few pitchers are known as “head hunters” any more (pitchers who intentionally try to hit batters), if a pitcher does want to “settle a score” from time to time that can make them more likely to appear among league leaders as well.

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