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Hits Per Inning Pitched Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Hits Per Inning Pitched details the average number of hits a pitcher gives up on a per inning basis.

*Qualifying pitchers only

More about Hits Per Inning Pitched Leaders

Hits per inning pitched leaders allow the fewest number of hits for every inning they pitch. Among pitchers who throw enough innings to qualify for the ERA title (meaning they pitch at least one inning for every game their team played), the majority of pitchers will allow fewer than one hit per inning pitched. The very best pitchers will allow approximately .75 hits per inning pitched (or about three hits every four innings). While useful, this statistic does not take into account walks against, or what types of hits are more likely to be allowed by a pitcher, so a pitcher who appears at the top of this list by allowing relatively few hits per inning may not be the most effective due to either allowing more walks than average and/or allowing more extra base hits than average.

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