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Inherited Runners Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Inherited Runners details the total number of base runners left on base when a reliever enters the game. Depending on how each base runner reached base (hit, walk or error), if the base runner scores the run will be attributed to the previous pitcher how allowed them to reach base.

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Pitchers who lead the league in inherited runners are those who begin their pitching appearance with one or more runners on base, thus is a measure of relievers only. This is largely a list of middle relievers, as the traditional use of modern day closers dictates that relievers almost always enter the game to start the ninth inning. Leaders in inherited runners are often called upon to get one or two outs, and pitchers referred to as LOOGYs (Left-handed One Out only GuYs) can make up a fair amount of this list. Pitchers on this list can enter the game with one, two, or three runners already on base and in many instances the majority of these pitchers' appearances over the course of the season will be with at least one runner already on base.

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