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Inherited Runners Stranded Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Inherited Runners Stranded details the total number of runners inherited by relief pitcher that were unable to score, and therefore left stranded, before the inning ended.

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This is one of the most important statistics for middle relievers. When a reliever enters a game with one or more runners on base it is their job to do everything in their power to make sure those runners do not score. Of course, in some situations it is easier to prevent an inherited runner from scoring than others. The majority of the time a reliever should not allow, for example, a runner on first base to score if there are two outs. However, if a reliever enters the game with a runner on third and nobody out, allowing that runner to score via a sacrifice fly does not necessarily indicate a poor performance by the pitcher. Thus, even though not all relievers enter games with similar chances to prevent inherited runners from scoring, a successful middle reliever who is likely to enter a game mid-inning will rank near the top of this list.

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