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Intentional Walks Allowed Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Intentional Walks Allowed measures the number of times in which a pitcher grants a batter a walk to first base by intentionally throwing four balls without making an attempt to strikeout the hitter.

Also referred to as "Intentional Base on Balls Allowed."

More about Intentional Walks Allowed Leaders

Pitchers who lead the league in intentional walks allowed should carry relatively little fault in being among the league leaders since players do not make the decision to issue an intentional walk (managers do). In recent years intentional walks issued have declined for two primary reasons: 1) less offense in general and thus fewer opportunities to issue an intentional walk, and 2) greater recognition that intentional walks can easily backfire on a team. League leaders are most likely to be in the National League, as teams can intentionally walk a player in order to face either the pitcher batting or the pitcher’s spot in the lineup.

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