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Left on Base (LOB%) Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Left on Base (LOB%) is a pitching statistic that measures the percentage of baserunners a pitcher leaves stranded. 

LOB% = (H+BB+HBP-R)/(H+BB+HBP-(1.4*HR))

*Qualifying pitchers

More about Left on Base (LOB%) Leaders

Pitching left on base percentage leaders are those who “strand” (or leave on base) the highest percentage of all baserunners allowed. The formula is: “LOB% = (H+BB+HBP-R)/(H+BB+HBP-(1.4*HR))”. The league leaders will have a left on base percentage of approximately 80% or a little higher. There is some luck involved in having a high left on base percentage, as many of a league’s leaders one year will not appear near the top of the list the next year. This is because even over the course of an entire season some pitchers will find themselves “getting out of jams” more frequently than the average pitcher. However, luck does not impact all pitchers the same when it comes to this statistic. Strikeout pitchers are more likely to have a higher left on base percentage. This is because by being more likely to strike out a batter, the pitcher is also more likely to strand a runner than a pitcher who is more likely to allow a ball to be put into play, which can safely fall for a hit and allow existing baserunners to score.

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