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Line Drive Percentage (LD%) Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Line Drive Percentage (LD%) is a pitching statistic that measures the percentage of balls hit into play off a pitcher that are line drives.

LD% = Line Drives / Batted In Play

More about Line Drive Percentage (LD%) Leaders

Pitching line drive percentage leaders are those who allow the greatest percentage of balls put into play against them to result in a home run. The list below is for all ERA-qualifying pitchers, which means they pitched at least one inning for every team game pitched, though generally speaking the pitchers who allow the greatest percentage of line drives are not going to be the most effective. This is because of all of the batted ball types (also including ground balls, fly balls, and pop ups), line drives are most likely to result in a base hit (approximately 70% of the time). Thus pitchers should strive to allow more ground balls or fly balls/pop ups and fewer line drives. A pitcher’s defense has no impact on this percentage as it is a batted ball type determined by how a batter made contact with the pitch.

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