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Opponent Batting Average Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Opponent Batting Average measures the batting average of the hitters a pitchers faces, which is calculated by taking the number of hits against and dividing by the total number of opponent at bats.

*Qualifying pitchers only

More about Opponent Batting Average Leaders

Pitching opponent batting average leaders give up the fewer percentage of hits for all batters they face who are credited with an official “at bat”. Those at the top of the leader board will have an opponent batting average of right around .200 or maybe even a little lower (meaning batters get a hit against them approximately 20% of the time, excluding plate appearances that end in a sacrifice, walk, or hits batsman). While the batting average against for those at the very top of the leaderboards has not changed significantly in recent years, overall opponent batting average for pitchers has gone down in the last fifteen to twenty years.

Opponent Batting Average
RankPlayerPosTeamHABOpp. Batting Avg.
1Jake ArrietaPCHC1508110.185
2Zack GreinkePARI1487900.187
3Clayton KershawPLAD1638390.194
4Marco EstradaPTOR1346590.203
5Max ScherzerPWAS1768470.208
6Jacob deGromPNYM1496940.215
7Sonny GrayPOAK1667650.217
8Dallas KeuchelPHOU1858540.217
9Chris ArcherPTB1757950.220
10Madison BumgarnerPSF1818140.222
11Matt HarveyPNYM1567030.222
12Francisco LirianoPPIT1556950.223
13Danny SalazarPCLE1566900.226
14Hector SantiagoPLAA1566870.227
15Carlos CarrascoPCLE1546750.228
16David PricePBOS1908260.230
17Jake OdorizziPTB1496440.231
18Corey KluberPCLE1898190.231
19Trevor BauerPCLE1526550.232
20Chris SalePCWS1857940.233
21Garrett RichardsPLAA1817680.236
22Erasmo RamirezPTB1456140.236
23Michael WachaPSTL1626870.236
24Scott KazmirPHOU1626840.237
25Tyson RossPSD1727250.237
26Mike FiersPHOU1626800.238
27Shelby MillerPATL1837690.238
28Cole HamelsPTEX1908000.238
29Gerrit ColePPIT1837650.239
30Jon LesterPCHC1837640.240
31Felix HernandezPSEA1807500.240
32Jason HammelPCHC1586540.242
33Johnny CuetoPKC1948030.242
34Mike LeakePSF1747170.243
35Kyle HendricksPCHC1666810.244
36R.A. DickeyPTOR1957980.244
37Dan HarenPCHC1747090.245
38Jimmy NelsonPMIL1636630.246
39Yordano VenturaPKC1546210.248
40James ShieldsPSD1897630.248
41Carlos MartinezPSTL1686710.250
42Edinson VolquezPKC1907580.251
43Kyle GibsonPMIN1867370.252
44Taijuan WalkerPSEA1636480.252
45Julio TeheranPATL1897480.253
46Chris HestonPSF1696670.253
47Tom KoehlerPMIA1807060.255
48John LackeyPCHC2118240.256
49Ubaldo JimenezPBAL1827070.257
50Ian KennedyPSD1666440.258
51Lance LynnPSTL1726670.258
52J.A. HappPTOR1736680.259
53Wei-Yin ChenPBAL1927330.262
54Collin McHughPHOU2077880.263
55Jordan ZimmermannPDET2047740.264
56Wade MileyPSEA2017580.265
57Rubby De La RosaPARI1937290.265
58Colby LewisPTEX2117930.266
59Chris TillmanPBAL1766600.267
60Yovani GallardoPTEX1937200.268
61Gio GonzalezPWAS1816730.269
62Jose QuintanaPCWS2188020.272
63Jeff SamardzijaPSF2288360.273
64Anthony DeSclafaniPCIN1947100.273
65Jeff LockePPIT1796540.274
66A.J. BurnettPPIT1746330.275
67Alex WoodPLAD1987200.275
68Alfredo SimonPDET2017290.276
69Brett AndersonPLAD1946970.278
70Aaron HarangPPHI1896810.278
71Mark BuehrlePTOR2147680.279
72Andrew CashnerPSD2007180.279
73Jonathon NiesePPIT1926860.280
74Bartolo ColonPNYM2177710.281
75John DanksPCWS1956950.281
76CC SabathiaPNYY1886590.285
77Rick PorcelloPBOS1966820.287
78Mike PelfreyPDET1986510.304
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