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Pitcher On Base Plus Slugging Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

On Base Plus Slugging (OPS) is a baseball Sabermetric used to measure the effectiveness of the pitcher in preventing batters from getting on base and hitting for power, which simply adds On Base Percentage (measures getting on base) and Slugging Percentage (measures power) together. From the perspective of pitchers, the lower this number the better as it suggests that the pitcher is able to prevent batters from getting on base and hitting for power.

More about Pitcher On Base Plus Slugging Leaders

Pitching opponent on base plus slugging leaders is another way of saying lowest OPS against. OPS is a statistic that simply adds on base percentage plus slugging percentage. In today’s pitching-friendly environment the very best pitchers will allow an OPS slightly under .600. OPS was a statistic that gained prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000s as a better way to represent offensive value than batting average, which was used more widely at the time. Though OPS has long since been replaced with more robust measures of offensive performance, it remains a handy statistic to use to gauge a pitcher’s effectiveness in limiting both batters to reach base and to minimize extra base hits against.

Pitcher On-Base Plus Slugging
1Jake ArrietaCHC0.2360.2710.507
2Zack GreinkeARI0.2310.2760.507
3Clayton KershawLAD0.2370.2840.521
4Jacob deGromNYM0.2550.3180.573
5Dallas KeuchelHOU0.2620.3140.576
6Sonny GrayOAK0.2730.3160.589
7Max ScherzerWAS0.2420.3580.600
8Matt HarveyNYM0.2650.3440.609
9Madison BumgarnerSF0.2630.3490.612
10Chris ArcherTB0.2820.3310.613
11David PriceBOS0.2710.3500.621
12Gerrit ColePIT0.2870.3360.623
13Francisco LirianoPIT0.2980.3320.630
14Marco EstradaTOR0.2690.3640.633
15Carlos CarrascoCLE0.2770.3690.646
16Corey KluberCLE0.2790.3710.650
17Chris SaleCWS0.2820.3680.650
18Tyson RossSD0.3220.3300.652
19Erasmo RamirezTB0.2920.3630.655
20Jon LesterCHC0.2880.3730.661
21Shelby MillerATL0.3080.3550.663
22Garrett RichardsLAA0.3050.3590.664
23Cole HamelsTEX0.3000.3690.669
24Michael WachaSTL0.3000.3730.673
25Danny SalazarCLE0.2860.3870.673
26Johnny CuetoKC0.2880.3870.675
27Kyle HendricksCHC0.2960.3800.676
28Scott KazmirHOU0.3030.3740.677
29John LackeyCHC0.3030.3760.679
30Jake OdorizziTB0.2840.3960.680
31Felix HernandezSEA0.3010.3810.682
32Mike LeakeSF0.2930.3930.686
33Carlos MartinezSTL0.3200.3670.687
34Edinson VolquezKC0.3200.3720.692
35Yordano VenturaKC0.3190.3780.697
36Kyle GibsonMIN0.3170.3810.698
37J.A. HappTOR0.3080.3910.699
38Jordan ZimmermannDET0.3050.3940.699
39Jimmy NelsonMIL0.3220.3820.704
40Collin McHughHOU0.3150.3900.705
41R.A. DickeyTOR0.3030.4050.708
42Lance LynnSTL0.3300.3780.708
43Gio GonzalezWAS0.3360.3740.710
44Trevor BauerCLE0.3190.3940.713
45Mike FiersHOU0.3060.4070.713
46Jason HammelCHC0.2890.4250.714
47A.J. BurnettPIT0.3360.3810.717
48Taijuan WalkerSEA0.3020.4150.717
49Hector SantiagoLAA0.3070.4160.723
50Jose QuintanaCWS0.3150.4080.723
51Alex WoodLAD0.3320.3920.724
52Brett AndersonLAD0.3240.4020.726
53Ubaldo JimenezBAL0.3300.3970.727
54Chris HestonSF0.3310.3970.728
55Yovani GallardoTEX0.3310.3990.730
56Dan HarenCHC0.2890.4440.733
57Jeff LockePIT0.3370.3980.735
58Julio TeheranATL0.3250.4120.737
59Colby LewisTEX0.3080.4300.738
60Tom KoehlerMIA0.3310.4080.739
61Bartolo ColonNYM0.3040.4370.741
62Wade MileySEA0.3250.4160.741
63Anthony DeSclafaniCIN0.3280.4140.742
64Mark BuehrleTOR0.3110.4400.751
65Wei-Yin ChenBAL0.3020.4560.758
66Chris TillmanBAL0.3320.4300.762
67Jonathon NiesePIT0.3400.4240.764
68Jeff SamardzijaSF0.3190.4460.765
69Mike PelfreyDET0.3590.4130.772
70Andrew CashnerSD0.3420.4300.772
71James ShieldsSD0.3270.4500.777
72Rubby De La RosaARI0.3250.4570.782
73Rick PorcelloBOS0.3320.4550.787
74CC SabathiaNYY0.3380.4580.796
75John DanksCWS0.3340.4660.800
76Aaron HarangPHI0.3320.4700.802
77Alfredo SimonDET0.3420.4660.808
78Ian KennedySD0.3190.4970.816
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