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Pitcher Slugging Percentage Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Pitcher Slugging Percentage is an attempt to measure the power of the hitters a pitcher has faced by comparing the total number of bases hitters achieved against a pitcher to the the total batters faced by the pitcher. The lower this number the better it is from the perspective of the pitcher as it suggest the pitcher gives up fewer bases while a higher Slugging Percentage means that hitters on average are hitting for relatively more power (more bases). 

SLG = Total Bases / At Bats = 1x1B + 2x2B + 3x3B + 4xHR / At Bats

*Qualifying pitchers only

More about Pitcher Slugging Percentage Leaders

Pitching opponent slugging percentage leaders allow the fewest number of total bases per official at bat (batters are credited with one total base for a single; two total bases for a double; three total bases for a triple; four total bases for a home run). Pitchers who lead the league in opponent slugging percentage have an ability to both limit the number of total hits they allow and in particular minimize the number of extra base hits they allow. Pitchers with home fields known as “pitcher friendly” are somewhat more likely to appear near the top of this list as well, as stadiums in San Diego, Oakland, and other locations have vast outfield space which limit the number of home runs they allow.

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