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Pitcher Pickoffs Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Pickoffs is a pitching statistic which details the total number of times a pitcher successfully picked off a baserunner. 

More about Pitcher Pickoffs Leaders

Pitching pickoffs leaders are those who successfully picked off a runner on either first base, second base, or third base (though getting picked off from first base is by far the most common). Left-handed pitchers have a slight advantage by being able to throw to first base more easily, though that advantage compared to right-handed pitchers by runners who feel they can take a slightly larger lead on a right-handed pitcher and thus may be more likely to be picked off by them.  Pickoffs are not very common and any pitcher with five or six successful pickoffs in a season is almost always enough to lead the league.  The majority of pitchers in any given season will not successfully pick off any runners.

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