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Pitch Count Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Pitch Count details the total number of pitches a pitcher threw over the season.

More about Pitch Count Leaders

Pitching count leaders throw the most total pitches over the course of a season.  While in general baseball does not allow starting pitchers to throw as many pitches over the course of a season, the drop has not been as significant as the drop in total innings thrown. There has been some backlash recently about pitchers being handled to gently, however over 50 pitchers threw more than 3,000 total pitches in 2014. When one adds to that total the number of warmup pitches, pitches thrown in side sessions between starts, pitches thrown in spring training, and pitches thrown in the playoffs, it becomes clear why many teams are justifiably keeping a close eye on how to keep their team’s assets healthy in the long term.

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