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Pitches Per Inning Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Pitches Per Inning measures the average number of pitches thrown by a pitcher on a per inning basis, which gives an indication as to the pitchers efficiency at getting through innings. 

Pitches Per Inning = Pitch Count / Innings Pitched

More about Pitches Per Inning Leaders

Pitching pitches per inning leaders are those who throw the fewest number of pitches per inning. In order to be among the league leaders in this statistic pitchers must 1) not allow many baserunners, and 2) go deep into the count with batters as infrequently as possible. Pitchers who lead the league in strikeouts generally do not appear at the top of this list, as it takes more pitches on average to strike out a batter than it does to, for example, induce a strikeout early in the count. The 2014 leader, Clayton Kershaw, needed less than 14 pitches per inning in 2014, or over 1.5% fewer than the next pitcher (Henderson Alvarez). Kershaw and Alvarez finished 77th and 88th, respectively, in total pitches thrown in 2014. All pitchers, even strikeout pitchers, should aim to throw as few pitches per inning as possible.

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