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Pitches Per Start Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Pitches Per Start is a statistic in baseball that measures the average number of total pitches a starting pitcher throws during a start.

More about Pitches Per Start Leaders

Pitches per start leaders are those who throw the most number of pitches for every game they start and thus are most likely to pitch deep into games.  Leading the league in this statistic requires factors which are in a pitcher’s control, but also some that are not. To consistently throw a high number of pitches per start (leaders generally throw 105-110 pitches per start) a pitcher must consistently throw deep into games. Many of those at the top of the leaderboard are strikeout pitchers, as they rack up more pitches than those who dispose of batters earlier in the count. Pitching for a manager who generally has a “longer leash” (meaning they allow starters to work deeper into games and are less likely to bring in a reliever if a starter finds himself in trouble) also helps boost the pitches per start leader. Pitching in the American League can help as well, as National League pitchers who may be pitching well but are still losing are more likely to be pulled for a pinch hitter in the middle to late innings of a game.

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