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Run Support Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Run Support is a statistic in baseball that measures the total number of runs a pitchers team generates while the pitcher is in the game.

More about Run Support Leaders

Run support leaders are a result of two things: 1) a pitcher’s ability to pitch as far into games as possible, and 2) their team’s offensive support. The first is largely within a pitcher’s control (though if a manager has a “quick hook” and is more likely to take a starting pitcher out of the game their team won’t be given as many opportunities to generate run support for the starter) and the second is almost entirely out of a pitcher’s control. As a result, leaders on this list will largely come from teams with above average offenses. This statistic is frequently used as a ratio, however the leaders below represent pitchers who were given the highest number of actual runs scored by their team’s offense when they were in the game, regardless of how many starts they made. Consequently, almost all leaders in any given year will need to have made 30 or more starts that year.

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