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Save Opportunities Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Save Opportunities occur when a pitcher enters the game while their team has the lead (with a three or less run lead) with the goal of ending the game.

Also referred to as "Save Situation" or "SVO."

More about Save Opportunities Leaders

Those who lead the league in save opportunities do not display any great individual skill other than already being anointed the team’s closer and not yet losing that position. A save opportunity is entirely a team-dependent statistic, as being given a save opportunity requires: 1) a pitcher’s team having a lead (but not too big of a lead) in the late innings of a game, and 2) a pitcher’s manager allowing him to pitch. It does not matter how well or poorly a reliever pitches in his save opportunity; if he does not give up the lead he will be given a save, and if he does give up the lead he will be given a blown save. However, in either situation he will be given a save opportunity regardless of the outcome of the game.

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