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Pitcher Save Percentage Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Save Percentage is a pitching statistic which details the percentage of save opportunities in which the pitcher successfully completed the save. 

More about Pitcher Save Percentage Leaders

Pitching save percentage leaders are those who successfully turn the highest percentage of their save opportunities into saves. Every year the leaders will always have a percentage of 100% as there are always a few relievers who turn all of their relatively few save chances into successful saves. For closers who earn a greater percentage of save opportunities, the best will generally achieve about a 95% save percentage ratio. Many of the leaders below who have a percentage of 100% are relievers who get relatively few ninth inning save chances, as their chances to earn a save are taken away if, for example, they enter the game in the eighth inning with the lead, successfully keep the lead for their team, and are replaced in the ninth inning by the team’s closer.

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