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Shutouts Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Shutouts are recorded when a pitcher pitches a complete game without allowing a run to be scored against.

Also referred to as "SHO."

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Pitching shutouts are becoming rarer as of late, and they are now quite a feat when they take place. A shutout is credited to a starting pitcher if he starts and finishes a game and the opposing team doesn’t score any runs. Thus a pitcher can get credited with a shutout if pitches just five innings in a rain-shortened game, but he can also not be credited with a shutout if he leaves the game after nine innings in a 0-0 tie. Given how much more closely teams watch pitch counts now than in the past and the understanding of a pitcher’s decreasing effectiveness in the late innings, managers rarely give their starting pitchers an opportunity to finish a game.

Shutouts Leaders
1Max ScherzerPWAS3
2Jake ArrietaPCHC3
3Clayton KershawPLAD3
4Sonny GrayPOAK2
5Jeff SamardzijaPSF2
6Felix HernandezPSEA2
7Dallas KeuchelPHOU2
8Shelby MillerPATL2
9Mike MontgomeryPSEA2
10Johnny CuetoPKC2
11Madison BumgarnerPSF2
12Garrett RichardsPLAA1
13Chris RusinPCOL1
14Rich HillPOAK1
15Kyle HendricksPCHC1
16Drew HutchisonPTOR1
17Jered WeaverPLAA1
18Mike FiersPHOU1
19David PricePBOS1
20Jose QuintanaPCWS1
21Carlos CarrascoPCLE1
22Chi Chi GonzalezPTEX1
23Hisashi IwakumaPSEA1
24Jesse HahnPOAK1
25Colby LewisPTEX1
26Mike LeakePSF1
27Josh CollmenterPARI1
28Bartolo ColonPNYM1
29Chris ArcherPTB1
30Chris HestonPSF1
31Justin VerlanderPDET1
32John DanksPCWS1
33Derek HollandPTEX1
34Alfredo SimonPDET1
35Anibal SanchezPDET1
36Mark BuehrlePTOR1
37Cole HamelsPTEX1
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