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Total Bases Allowed Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Total Bases Allowed measures the total combined number of bases hitters gain against the pitcher over the course of the season.

Total bases is calculated by: 1B + 2*(2B) + 3*(3B) + 4*(HR)

More about Total Bases Allowed Leaders

When a pitcher allows a single they are charged with a single total base against. Accordingly, they are charged with two total bases for a double, three total bases for a triple, and four total bases for a home run. As with many other counting statistics in pitching, pitchers who give up the most number of total bases are not necessarily poor pitchers. Instead, they pitched well enough to be able to allow so many total bases, and may be more likely to allow hits than walks. In recent years pitchers who allow approximately 350 total bases are most likely in the neighborhood of the league leaders (with American League pitchers almost always topping the list). As recently as the late 2000’s pitchers needed to allow around 400 total bases to be a league leader.

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