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Pitcher Walk Rate (BB%) Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Walk Rate (BB%) is a pitching statistic that measures the percentage of plate appearances in which the pitcher walked the batter.

BB% = Walks Allowed / Plate Appearances

*Qualifying pitchers

More about Pitcher Walk Rate (BB%) Leaders

Pitching walk rate (BB%) leaders measures the percentage of all plate appearances against a pitcher that ended in a walk. Minimizing baserunners is very important for a pitcher’s success and one of the best ways to prevent that is to limit the number of walks allowed, or “free passes”. Another way of looking at this is the percentage of times a pitcher did not force the batter to try to put the ball in play.  For example if a pitcher had a walk rate of 5% (which is an above average ratio but generally not enough to lead the league), that meant he forced the batter to put the ball into play 95% of time.

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