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Win-Loss Percentage Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Win-Loss Percentage is a pitching statistic in baseball that compares the percentage of wins to the percentage of losses in games in which the pitcher recorded either a win or a loss.

Win-Loss Percentage = Wins/(Wins + Losses)

More about Win-Loss Percentage Leaders

Pitching win-loss percentage leaders have the higher percent of their decisions (wins plus losses) be a win. Or in other words win-loss percentage equals (wins)/(wins + losses). Pitchers who lead the league in win-loss percentage are likely to pitch for a team with an above average offense which will more often than not put them in a position to earn a win. A little luck can help as well, as a pitcher may benefit from their bullpen not blowing a lead more than the average bullpen (in order to earn more wins) and he may also benefit from their offense scoring enough runs in the late innings to win the game for the team (in order to avoid more losses).

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