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Walks and Hits Per Inning Pitched Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Walks and Hits Per Inning Pitched (WHIP) is a pitching statistic that details the average number of hits and walks a pitcher allows on a per inning basis, which gives an indication of how often a pitcher lets batters to reach the bases.

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More about Walks and Hits Per Inning Pitched Leaders

Pitching walks and hits per inning pitched (WHIP) leaders are those who allow the fewest number of combined walks and hits allowed for every inning they pitch.  Though this has a reputation as something of an “advanced” statistic the computation is actually very simple as it just the sum of walks and hits allowed divided by all innings pitched. As pitchers have become more dominant in recent years it is becoming more common for the league leaders in WHIP to have a ratio below one. It is not a perfect statistic, as it does not differentiate between, for example, a walk allowed with nobody on and a home run allowed with the bases loaded, but is still useful in looking at the frequency in which batters safely reach base (though it does not include hits batsmen or catcher’s interference in the calculations).

Walks and Hits Per Inning Pitched - WHIP Leaders
RankPlayerTeamWalksHitsInnings PitchedWHIP
1Zack GreinkeARI401482220.84
2Jake ArrietaCHC481502290.86
3Clayton KershawLAD421632320.88
4Max ScherzerWAS341762280.92
5Jacob deGromNYM381491910.98
6Madison BumgarnerSF391812181.01
7Matt HarveyNYM371561891.02
8Dallas KeuchelHOU511852321.02
9Marco EstradaTOR551341811.04
10Corey KluberCLE451892221.05
11Carlos CarrascoCLE431541831.07
12Sonny GrayOAK591662081.08
13David PriceBOS471902201.08
14Gerrit ColePIT441832081.09
15Chris SaleCWS421852081.09
16Jon LesterCHC471832051.12
17Dan HarenCHC381741871.13
18Danny SalazarCLE531561851.13
19Erasmo RamirezTB401451631.13
20Johnny CuetoKC461942121.13
21Chris ArcherTB661752121.14
22Jake OdorizziTB461491691.15
23Kyle HendricksCHC431661801.16
24Jason HammelCHC401581701.16
25Mike LeakeSF491741921.16
26Felix HernandezSEA581802011.18
27Cole HamelsTEX621902121.19
28R.A. DickeyTOR611952141.19
29Jordan ZimmermannDET392042011.20
30Taijuan WalkerSEA401631691.20
31Scott KazmirHOU591621831.21
32John LackeyCHC532112181.21
33Michael WachaSTL581621811.21
34Francisco LirianoPIT701551861.21
35Wei-Yin ChenBAL411921911.22
36Mark BuehrleTOR332141981.24
37Garrett RichardsLAA761812071.24
38Colby LewisTEX422112041.24
39Bartolo ColonNYM242171941.24
40Shelby MillerATL731832051.25
41Mike FiersHOU641621801.25
42Hector SantiagoLAA711561801.26
43J.A. HappTOR451731721.27
44Jose QuintanaCWS442182061.27
45Collin McHughHOU532072031.28
46Jeff SamardzijaSF492282141.29
47Jimmy NelsonMIL651631771.29
48Carlos MartinezSTL631681791.29
49Kyle GibsonMIN651861941.29
50Ian KennedySD521661681.30
51Yordano VenturaKC581541631.30
52Trevor BauerCLE791521761.31
53Chris HestonSF641691771.31
54Julio TeheranATL731892001.31
55Tyson RossSD841721961.31
56Edinson VolquezKC721902001.31
57James ShieldsSD811892021.33
58Brett AndersonLAD461941801.33
59Anthony DeSclafaniCIN551941841.35
60Alex WoodLAD591981891.36
61Rubby De La RosaARI631931881.36
62Ubaldo JimenezBAL681821841.36
63A.J. BurnettPIT491741641.36
64Rick PorcelloBOS381961721.36
65Wade MileySEA642011931.37
66Lance LynnSTL681721751.37
67Tom KoehlerMIA771801871.37
68Chris TillmanBAL641761731.39
69Aaron HarangPHI511891721.39
70Jonathon NiesePIT551921761.40
71John DanksCWS561951771.41
72Yovani GallardoTEX681931841.42
73Jeff LockePIT601791681.42
74CC SabathiaNYY501881671.42
75Gio GonzalezWAS691811751.42
76Alfredo SimonDET682011871.44
77Andrew CashnerSD662001841.44
78Mike PelfreyDET451981641.48
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