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Strikeouts Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Strikeouts measure the total number of at bats in which the player accumulates three strikes without getting a hit or earning a walk.

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Player strikeouts have been increasing for years, though they have especially spiked in the last few years.  In 1990 a total of 43 players struck out 100 times or more; in 2013 that number was up to 105.  Strikeouts used to have a negative connotation to them, almost as though batters should be embarrassed if they were unable to make contact.  Now, a strikeout is not thought of as very different from any other routine out.  Seasons of posting 200 strikeouts now are not completely unheard of, either.  There is not much of a difference among batter leaders in strikeouts between the two leagues.

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