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Batting Average Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Player batting average leaders have the highest percentage of their official at bats end with a base hit.  In the past a premium was put on hitters who hit .300 or higher (meaning at least 30% of their official at bats ended with a base hit), the meaningfulness of that number has changed somewhat.  Since the beginning of the “Moneyball” era (roughly starting in the early 2000s) a higher emphasis has been placed on on-base percentage and less of an emphasis on batting average.  Alternatively, due to the declining offensive numbers throughout baseball having an average of .300 is a more difficult feat than in the past (for example, in 2013 only 24 batters hit above .300; in 2000 54 batters hit above .300).

Batting Average is calculated simply as:

AVG = Hits/At-Bats

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Batting Average Leaders By Season:
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