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Caught Stealing Statistics: 2015 MLB Season

The Caught Stealing statistic measures the total number of times a baserunner is caught for an out when attempting to steal a base. A player is credited (in a negative way) with a caught stealing if they are tagged out attempting to advance a base when the ball is not put in play by the batter. 

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Those who are among league leaders are also among the league leaders in stolen bases, as trying to obtain a stolen base is inevitably going to occasionally lead to a caught stealing.  This is exemplified by the 1982 season of Rickey Henderson, generally thought to be the best base stealer in all of baseball.  That year he set the single season record with 130 steals, though he also set the single season record of 42 times being caught stealing that year.   Generally speaking the downside of being caught stealing is more significant than the upside of successfully stealing a base, as players do not want to “run their team out of the inning” by being caught on the basepaths.

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