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Extra Base Hits Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

An extra base hit is any hit in which the player is able to make it past first base on the play without the aid of a fielders choice or error, which includes doubles, triples and home runs.

Extra Base Hits = 2B + 3B + HR

Also referred to as "XBH," "EB" and "EBH"

More about Extra Base Hits Leaders

Player extra base hits leaders are always among the best hitters in the game.  Extra base hits are the sum of doubles, triples, and home runs a player hits in a year.  The league leaders are generally recognized as “power hitters”, and because of this even though triples hit do count as an extra base hit as much as a double or home run, leaders hit very few triples and are at the top of the list because of how many doubles or home runs they hit.  League leaders in extra base hits will often have nearly half (and in some instances slightly more) of their hits go for extra bases.

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