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Fly Ball Hits Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Fly Balls Hits are balls that hit are into the air, usually very high, and safely land in play for a hit.

More about Fly Ball Hits Leaders

Player fly balls hit leaders are the players most likely to hit a ball in the air.  As a general rule this list will consist of the league’s best power hitters; even players who hit the most home runs will see the majority of their fly balls result in outs.  That being said, even the league’s best hitters do not want to hit too many fly balls and will have a greater than average percentage of their balls in play classified as line drives rather than fly balls.  This list will also include some players who are not traditional power hitters who hit a number of popups, which will lead to them hitting a greater than average number of fly balls (even if those fly balls do not frequently result in home runs).  

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Fly Ball Hits Leaders By Season:
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