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Hit By Pitch Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Hit By Pitch statistic measures the total number of times a batter is hit by a pitch during an at bat, which then awards the batter first base. 

More about Hit By Pitch Leaders

Hit by pitch leaders are generally players who set up closer to home plate, also known as “crowding the plate” which will make them more likely to be hit by a pitch than a batter who sets up further away.  Some batters have a reputation for occasionally “leaning into pitches” which can up their hit by pitch count (while technically batters cannot stand in the way of a pitch as long as they give the appearance of attempting to get out of the way they will almost always be awarded first base).  Going back a few years batters like Don Baylor and Craig Biggio had reputations for leaning into pitches.  League leaders generally are hit by a pitch between 20 and 30 times in a season.

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