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Home Runs Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Home Runs is scored by a batter when they are able to safely reach home plate in a single play without being the result of a fielders error or fielders choice. Home runs most often occur when a batter hits the ball over the outfield fence between the foul poles, however, players can hit a home run with the ball remaining infield if they can make it safely around the bases - known as an inside the park home run. Home runs are second least common type of hits in baseball and generally make up approximately 10% of all hits in a season.  

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Home runs are always the most celebrated hits in the game, and fans generally pay the most attention to who wins the home run race in a league over any other statistic (at least on the offensive side of the game).  In the late 1990s and early 2000s hitting 50 or even 60 home runs in a season was becoming shockingly common; however, in the years since hitting home runs has again become more difficult as there have been just two 50 home run seasons since 2008 (Jose Bautista in 2010 and Chris Davis in 2013 – both players haven’t come close to matching those numbers since).

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