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Runs Created Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Runs Created is an advanced statistic in baseball that details the estimated number runs a hitter contributes to their team over the course of the season. Created by Bill James.

More about Runs Created Leaders

Runs created is a formula-driven statistic that attempts to capture in a single statistic the number of total runs created over the course of a single season by a player. The formula has changed over the years, though unlike many other advanced offensive statistics it captures some baserunning outcomes. Additionally, it penalizes batters for grounding into a double play more than simply making a single out. The final number of runs created can be thought of actual runs a player single-handedly generated over the course of the season. Players with a well-rounded set of offensive skills, such as frequently reaching base, hitting for a lot of power, and an ability to successfully steal base while minimize the number of times being caught, will have the highest count of runs created.

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