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Runs Scored Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Player Runs Scored statistic measures the total number of times a player has scored a run during the season. Players who top the runs scored leader board generally need to have two things working in their favor: 1) they need to have a high on-base percentage, and 2) they need to have quality hitters behind them in the lineup who are likely to drive them in.  A player can of course add to his runs scored count by hitting a lot of home runs and thus driving himself in, though topping this list requires more than hitting a lot of home runs.  Compared to the almighty RBI (runs batted in) runs scored leaders never seem to get their due in the game of baseball.  Case in point – following a game winning hit (that’s not a home run) a team will mob the player who drove in the winning run and never the player who scored the winning run, even though both needed to reach base in order for the run to score.

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