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Stolen Bases Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Stolen Bases the total number of bases a player has reached successfully without the ball being put into play, not including advancing due to a hit, a fielding error, a fielder's choice. Stolen bases aren't counted if the defense makes no attempt to prevent the baserunner from advancing, known as, defensive indifference.

Also referred to as "SB."

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Stolen bases are obtained when a runner advances a base when the ball is not put in play or because of a defensive miscue. Players are credited with a stolen base when they take off for the next base during a pitch or pickoff attempt.  Players are not credited with a stolen base if they only take off for the next base due to an error, wild pitch, or passed ball. In the past 15-20 years stolen bases have been deemphasized throughout the game, as the rise in prominence of home run hitters made the stolen base more of an unnecessary risk (meaning it was not worth the risk to run into an out if a player stood a reasonable chance of scoring via the home run whether they were on first base or second base). However, with the decrease in offense in recent years stolen bases have become slightly more common.

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