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Triples Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Triples occur when a player reaches third base after hitting the ball fair and without the benefit of a fielders choice or error. Triples are the least common type of hits in baseball and generally make up approximately 2% of all hits in a season. As a result, obtaining a triple just 10-15 times in a season is likely to put a player among the league leaders in the category.

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Though the nature of offense has changed in the last few decades, including an offensive explosion in the late 1990s followed by something of a pitching explosion in the more recent years, the number of triples hit in a season has stayed relatively consistent (and infrequent). Triples leaders are often among the fastest players in the league and are often more likely to be left-handed players who pull the ball (triples are more likely to be hit to right field or right-center field than to left field).

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