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Team Caught Stealing Per Game: 2015 MLB Season

Caught Stealing Per Game measures the average number of times on a per game basis a team attempts to steal a base but is caught for an out by their opponents.

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Team caught stealing per game have been on decline for a number of years.  In 2013 the team with the fewest caught stealing per game had just .12 per game (Detroit and Boston – also the teams who scored the most runs that year), whereas in 2003 the team with the fewest still had .2 per game. 

While the scoring environment in baseball has contributed to the decline, pitchers have become much better at neutralizing a team’s running game, by throwing over to a base repeatedly to keep a runner close and also due to so many pitchers using the slide step and minimizing the amount of time a runner has to advance to the next base.

Team Caught Stealing Per Game
RankTeamGPCaught StealingCaught Stealing Per Game
1Detroit Tigers161510.32
2Houston Astros162480.30
3Pittsburgh Pirates162450.28
4Seattle Mariners162450.28
5Miami Marlins162450.28
6Tampa Bay Rays162450.28
7Arizona Diamondbacks162440.27
8Colorado Rockies162430.27
9Chicago White Sox162420.26
10Texas Rangers162390.24
11St. Louis Cardinals162380.23
12Minnesota Twins162380.23
13Cincinnati Reds162380.23
14Chicago Cubs162370.23
15San Francisco Giants162360.22
16Los Angeles Dodgers162340.21
17Los Angeles Angels162340.21
18Kansas City Royals162340.21
19Atlanta Braves162330.20
20Philadelphia Phillies162320.20
21Oakland Athletics162290.18
22Milwaukee Brewers162290.18
23San Diego Padres162290.18
24Cleveland Indians161280.17
25Boston Red Sox162270.17
26New York Mets162250.15
27Baltimore Orioles162250.15
28New York Yankees162250.15
29Washington Nationals162230.14
30Toronto Blue Jays162230.14
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