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Team Complete Games: 2015 MLB Season

Complete games occur when the starting pitcher pitches the whole game without a relief pitcher coming into the game. A complete game in the modern game is a sign of a pitcher with both endurance and efficiency.

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This is a statistic that has been on the decline for many years, as it is not uncommon for some teams to go an entire season without a single team complete game. Teams that have a higher number of complete games are likely to have a small number of pitchers (likely no more than 2 or 3) accumulating all of a team’s complete games, and thus can be more useful as an individual statistic than a team statistic. In addition, the statistic can be slightly misleading in some instances, such as when inclement weather shortens a game to fewer than nine innings. In such instances, a pitcher (and thus the team) would be awarded a complete game if the starting pitcher was the only pitcher needed, even if the game only lasted five innings.

Historically, complete games occured far more frequently, for example in 1904 nearly 90% of games were complete games. This number has steadily declined and now only about 3% of games end as complete games, mainly, due to new pitching philosophies and a focus on pitch counts to prevent injuries and increase the longevity of pitchers.

Team Complete Games
TeamGames PlayedComplete GamesComplete Game %
1Cleveland Indians161116.8%
2San Francisco Giants16274.3%
3Detroit Tigers16174.4%
4Toronto Blue Jays16274.3%
5Chicago White Sox16274.3%
6Los Angeles Dodgers16263.7%
7Seattle Mariners16263.7%
8Chicago Cubs16263.7%
9Houston Astros16253.1%
10Oakland Athletics16253.1%
11Texas Rangers16253.1%
12Colorado Rockies16242.5%
13Washington Nationals16242.5%
14Boston Red Sox16231.9%
15New York Yankees16231.9%
16Atlanta Braves16231.9%
17Los Angeles Angels16221.2%
18Kansas City Royals16221.2%
19Minnesota Twins16221.2%
20Cincinnati Reds16221.2%
21Philadelphia Phillies16210.6%
22Tampa Bay Rays16210.6%
23St. Louis Cardinals16210.6%
24Milwaukee Brewers16210.6%
25San Diego Padres16210.6%
26Arizona Diamondbacks16210.6%
27New York Mets16210.6%
28Pittsburgh Pirates16200.0%
29Miami Marlins16200.0%
30Baltimore Orioles16200.0%
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