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Team Earned Runs Allowed Per Game: 2015 MLB Season

Team earned runs allowed per game is merely the number of earned runs allowed by an entire pitching staff divided by the number of games played by the team. Having a low number of team earned runs allowed per game of course is desirable for a pitching staff, though there are some nuances that this metric does not include.  For example, it does not take into account actual innings pitched, meaning if a team pitches more extra inning games than usual they don’t get “credit” for those extra innings. Additionally, as with ERA on an individual level, a team’s ERA per game does not take into account what type of ballpark a team pitches in and whether it is more likely to be pitcher-friendly or hitter-friendly. 

Team Earned Runs Allowed Per Game
RankTeamGPERAERA Per Game
1St. Louis Cardinals1624782.95
2Pittsburgh Pirates1625323.28
3Chicago Cubs1625463.37
4Los Angeles Dodgers1625533.41
5New York Mets1625573.44
6Houston Astros1625723.53
7Washington Nationals1625773.56
8Cleveland Indians1615843.63
9San Francisco Giants1625973.69
10Kansas City Royals1626013.71
11Tampa Bay Rays1626043.73
12Toronto Blue Jays1626093.76
13Los Angeles Angels1626303.89
14Miami Marlins1626383.94
15Chicago White Sox1626433.97
16Baltimore Orioles1626463.99
17Minnesota Twins1626534.03
18San Diego Padres1626554.04
19New York Yankees1626564.05
20Arizona Diamondbacks1626594.07
21Oakland Athletics1626644.10
22Seattle Mariners1626774.18
23Texas Rangers1626804.20
24Milwaukee Brewers1626824.21
25Boston Red Sox1626944.28
26Atlanta Braves1626984.31
27Cincinnati Reds1627004.32
28Philadelphia Phillies1627494.62
29Detroit Tigers1617464.63
30Colorado Rockies1627994.93
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