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Team Extra Base Hits Per Game : 2015 MLB Season

Team extra base hits per game is the number of cumulative doubles, triples, and home runs a team averages on a per game basis.

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The majority of extra base hits are doubles – in 2013 just over 60% of all extra base hits in all of baseball were doubles; 6% were triples; 34% were home runs. The best offensive teams generally appear at the top of this list – the only way a subpar offensive team could rank high is if they had an awful accompanying on-base percentage or they had an inability to hit many home runs, even if they were to accumulate many doubles and triples. American League teams make up the majority of the leaders on the list.

Team Extra Base Hits Per Game
RankTeamGPExtra Base HitsExtra Base Hits Per Game
1Toronto Blue Jays1625573.44
2Houston Astros1625343.30
3Colorado Rockies1625093.14
4New York Yankees1625033.10
5Detroit Tigers1614893.04
6Arizona Diamondbacks1624913.03
7New York Mets1624893.02
8Boston Red Sox1624883.01
9Baltimore Orioles1624832.98
10Texas Rangers1624832.98
11Seattle Mariners1624822.98
12Kansas City Royals1624812.97
13Minnesota Twins1624772.94
14Tampa Bay Rays1624772.94
15Los Angeles Dodgers1624762.94
16Cleveland Indians1614732.94
17Chicago Cubs1624732.92
18Oakland Athletics1624692.90
19St. Louis Cardinals1624642.86
20San Francisco Giants1624632.86
21Pittsburgh Pirates1624592.83
22Washington Nationals1624552.81
23Milwaukee Brewers1624532.80
24Cincinnati Reds1624512.78
25San Diego Padres1624442.74
26Los Angeles Angels1624402.72
27Philadelphia Phillies1624392.71
28Chicago White Sox1624232.61
29Miami Marlins1623962.44
30Atlanta Braves1623692.28
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