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Team Hit Batsman Per Game: 2015 MLB Season

Team hit batsman per game is the average number of times a pitching staff hits an opposing team member with a pitch per game.

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In the early 1990s even the teams at the bottom of the list rarely allowed more than .3 hits batsman per game. Recently the numbers have gone up so that the average pitching staff generally allows .3 hits batsman per game, though even currently the difference between the teams at the very top and bottom of the list amounts to no more than 1 extra hits batsman for every 5 games played.

Team Hit Batsmen Per Game
RankTeamGPHit BatsmanHit Batsman Per Game
1Los Angeles Dodgers162380.235
2Minnesota Twins162410.253
3Houston Astros162430.265
4New York Mets162440.272
5St. Louis Cardinals162450.278
6Tampa Bay Rays162460.284
7Chicago Cubs162460.284
8Detroit Tigers161460.286
9Oakland Athletics162470.290
10Arizona Diamondbacks162480.296
11Colorado Rockies162480.296
12Cleveland Indians161480.298
13San Francisco Giants162500.309
14Kansas City Royals162520.321
15Miami Marlins162520.321
16Atlanta Braves162530.327
17San Diego Padres162540.333
18Baltimore Orioles162540.333
19Milwaukee Brewers162550.340
20Washington Nationals162550.340
21New York Yankees162560.346
22Cincinnati Reds162580.358
23Toronto Blue Jays162590.364
24Philadelphia Phillies162610.377
25Boston Red Sox162620.383
26Chicago White Sox162620.383
27Texas Rangers162630.389
28Seattle Mariners162700.432
29Los Angeles Angels162710.438
30Pittsburgh Pirates162750.463
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