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Team Hit By Pitch Per Game: 2015 MLB Season

Team Hit By Pitch Per Game measures the average number of times on a per game basis that a batter on the team is hit by a pitch, which results in the batter being awarded first base. Hit By Pitches is largely a fluke statistic and will often show randomness from one season to the next.

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There are some players in the mode of Craig Biggio or Shane Victorino who are known to have the ability to “draw” a hit by pitch, largely by crowding the plate and/or failing to make any real effort to get out of the way of a pitch anywhere on the inside part of the plate, however most players do not display a consist ability to do this year after year. It is not a bad skill for individual players to have, though there are generally not any teams who have a reputation for being able to be hit by a pitch throughout their lineup. Similar to the statistic of team triples per game, this number can be inflated by one or two players who have been known to shake off a few bruises.

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