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Team Hit By Pitch Per Game: 2015 MLB Season

Team Hit By Pitch Per Game measures the average number of times on a per game basis that a batter on the team is hit by a pitch, which results in the batter being awarded first base. Hit By Pitches is largely a fluke statistic and will often show randomness from one season to the next.

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There are some players in the mode of Craig Biggio or Shane Victorino who are known to have the ability to “draw” a hit by pitch, largely by crowding the plate and/or failing to make any real effort to get out of the way of a pitch anywhere on the inside part of the plate, however most players do not display a consist ability to do this year after year. It is not a bad skill for individual players to have, though there are generally not any teams who have a reputation for being able to be hit by a pitch throughout their lineup. Similar to the statistic of team triples per game, this number can be inflated by one or two players who have been known to shake off a few bruises.

Team Hit By Pitch Per Game
RankTeamGPHit By PitchHit By Pitch Per Game
1Pittsburgh Pirates162890.55
2Tampa Bay Rays162840.52
3Kansas City Royals162770.48
4Texas Rangers162760.47
5Chicago Cubs162740.46
6New York Mets162680.42
7St. Louis Cardinals162660.41
8Chicago White Sox162650.40
9New York Yankees162630.39
10Los Angeles Dodgers162600.37
11Los Angeles Angels162580.36
12Houston Astros162560.35
13Toronto Blue Jays162540.33
14Philadelphia Phillies162540.33
15Baltimore Orioles162510.31
16San Francisco Giants162490.30
17Boston Red Sox162460.28
18Washington Nationals162440.27
19Atlanta Braves162440.27
20Cincinnati Reds162420.26
21Detroit Tigers161410.25
22Milwaukee Brewers162410.25
23San Diego Padres162400.25
24Minnesota Twins162400.25
25Oakland Athletics162400.25
26Cleveland Indians161390.24
27Miami Marlins162390.24
28Seattle Mariners162360.22
29Arizona Diamondbacks162330.20
30Colorado Rockies162330.20
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