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Team Hits Per Run: 2015 MLB Season

Hits Per Run measures the average number of hits a team has for each run scored. On average, teams generally have two hits for each run scored. Teams that deviate far away from two usually have either high efficiency (lower number) or very efficiency (high number).

See how all teams are ranked in hits per run since 1990.

More about Team Hits Per Run

This is an uncommon statistic not widely used, mainly because a team’s placement on this list is largely driven by two additional factors: 1) team on base percentage, and 2) team extra base hit percentage.  A team that ranks near the top of the team hits per run list is likely there because they either have a high on base percentage or because they are more likely to hit a double, triple, or home run.  Simply dividing team hits by runs masks the true reason for a team’s placement on the list

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