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Team Home Run Percentage of Hits: 2014 MLB Season

Team Home Run Percentage - Hits
RankTeamHitsHome RunsHome Run %
1Baltimore Orioles1,4342110.147
2Houston Astros1,3171630.124
3Toronto Blue Jays1,4351770.123
4Colorado Rockies1,5511860.120
5Chicago Cubs1,3151570.119
6Chicago White Sox1,4001550.111
7Milwaukee Brewers1,3661500.110
8New York Yankees1,3491470.109
9Pittsburgh Pirates1,4361560.109
10Washington Nationals1,4031520.108
11Oakland Athletics1,3541460.108
12Los Angeles Angels1,4641550.106
13Seattle Mariners1,3281360.102
14Cincinnati Reds1,2821310.102
15Cleveland Indians1,4111420.101
16Detroit Tigers1,5571550.100
17New York Mets1,3061250.096
18San Francisco Giants1,4071320.094
19Atlanta Braves1,3161230.094
20Philadelphia Phillies1,3561250.092
21San Diego Padres1,1991090.091
22Boston Red Sox1,3551230.091
23Los Angeles Dodgers1,4761340.091
24Minnesota Twins1,4121280.091
25Miami Marlins1,3991220.087
26Tampa Bay Rays1,3611170.086
27Arizona Diamondbacks1,3791180.086
28Texas Rangers1,4001110.079
29St. Louis Cardinals1,3711050.077
30Kansas City Royals1,456950.065
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