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Which team leads the MLB in home runs?: 2015 MLB Season

What is the easiest way to score runs?  By hitting a home run, of course.  The table below shows the number of home runs hit by each team.  To figure out how many home runs each team averaged per game divide the number by 162 (though some teams may have played one or two fewer games due to postponements not needing to be made up).

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Generally speaking the better teams in baseball, or at least those with above average offenses, tend to be more likely to be near the top of the leaderboard below, though there are always exceptions.  What the table below does not show is how many runs were scored as a result of a team’s home runs.  Teams that have a higher on base percentage, and thus are more likely to have more runners on base when home runs are hit, will benefit more from the home runs they do hit than a team with a low on base percentage.

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