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Team Intentional Walks Allowed Per Game: 2015 MLB Season

Team intentional walks allowed per game is an interesting statistic in that it is solely based on managerial discretion.  An instruction to allow an intentional walk never comes from a player, so this essentially looks at exactly how often this particular managerial decision is made.

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Teams with quality pitching staffs are naturally more likely to appear at the top of this list because they’re less likely to find themselves in situations with runners already on base in which an intentional walk may be warranted.  Additionally, some managers feel more comfortable than others with allowing intentional walks than others, though in recent years some research has shown that managers tend to overuse the intentional walk as a managerial tool.

Team Intentional Walks Allowed Per Game
RankTeamGPIntentional Walks AllowedIntentional Walks Allowed Per Game
1Kansas City Royals162100.062
2New York Yankees162160.099
3Boston Red Sox162170.105
4Houston Astros162170.105
5Oakland Athletics162190.117
6Toronto Blue Jays162200.124
7Tampa Bay Rays162230.142
8Miami Marlins162250.154
9Baltimore Orioles162270.167
10Cleveland Indians161270.168
11San Francisco Giants162280.173
12Texas Rangers162290.179
13Los Angeles Dodgers162320.198
14Detroit Tigers161320.199
15Chicago White Sox162340.210
16Minnesota Twins162340.210
17San Diego Padres162350.216
18Milwaukee Brewers162360.222
19Washington Nationals162370.228
20St. Louis Cardinals162370.228
21Philadelphia Phillies162370.228
22Pittsburgh Pirates162380.235
23Chicago Cubs162380.235
24Seattle Mariners162410.253
25Colorado Rockies162420.259
26Cincinnati Reds162420.259
27New York Mets162430.265
28Los Angeles Angels162450.278
29Atlanta Braves162450.278
30Arizona Diamondbacks162450.278
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