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Team Isolated Power: 2015 MLB Season

Team isolated power takes the number of total bases a team accumulated over the course of the season, subtracts from that the number of singles the team hit, and divides that difference by the total number of team games played.

ISO = ((2B) + (2*3B) + (3*HR)) / AB

More about Team Isolated Power

This is similar to team slugging percentage, but differs in that total bases accumulated from singles are not included in the figure, meaning that teams that hit more singles than the average team as part of all of their hits will have a lower isolated power, which is intended to measure power as determined by team extra base hits.

Team Isolated Power
RankTeamDoublesTriplesHome RunsIsolated Power
1Toronto Blue Jays308172320.188
2Houston Astros278262300.187
3Baltimore Orioles246202170.171
4New York Yankees272192120.170
5Colorado Rockies274491860.167
6Los Angeles Dodgers263261870.163
7Seattle Mariners262221980.162
8New York Mets295171770.156
9Texas Rangers279321720.156
10Tampa Bay Rays278321670.154
11Chicago Cubs272301710.154
12Washington Nationals265131770.152
13Minnesota Twins277441560.152
14Boston Red Sox294331610.150
15Detroit Tigers289491510.150
16Los Angeles Angels243211760.150
17Arizona Diamondbacks289481540.150
18Cincinnati Reds257271670.146
19Cleveland Indians303291410.145
20Oakland Athletics277461460.144
21Kansas City Royals300421390.143
22Milwaukee Brewers274341450.142
23San Diego Padres260361480.142
24St. Louis Cardinals288391370.141
25San Francisco Giants288391360.139
26Pittsburgh Pirates292271400.136
27Philadelphia Phillies272371300.133
28Chicago White Sox260271360.130
29Miami Marlins236401200.124
30Atlanta Braves251181000.108
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